First Time Cuddlist Experience

A female client of mine recently share about her experience with first coming to see me:
feminine-hand-holding_925x“When I first saw the flyer for Nellie’s cuddling service I was intrigued, but it seemed a little far out. She looked approachable enough in her photo, but . . . still. I tried to get my friend to go and tell me what it was like. She wouldn’t. I needn’t have worried. Nellie was so gentle and relaxed; it didn’t feel at all weird. With her encouragement to notice the present, slow down and go nowhere for a while, I did just that. I relaxed into our session, and left in a much looser and even state of mind.
“This is definitely something I wouldn’t have envisioned myself trying even a year ago. By way of comparison, my first massage session with the opposite sex, with only a sheet covering me, was more of a leap than being held for an hour by Nellie. And I value her skills and service more than a massage, too. If I can step through the door, I suppose you can, too.” – Anne
I so appreciate that she was brave enough to schedule a session and I’m honored to continue to work with her.

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