I offer workshops on consent, communication, and touch. I can also custom design a workshop for your organization or community on these topics. Contact me to find out more. I also offer virtual workshops using Zoom.

Descriptions of workshops I currently offer:

Cuddle many hands close up

Cuddle Party 
A 4-hour in-person workshop

Cuddle Parties have been postponed until further notice due to Covid-19. 

“Cuddle Party is a playful social event designed for adults to explore communication, boundaries and affection. You can come to a Cuddle Party to meet new people, to enjoy amazing conversations, to touch, to be touched, to have fun, to practice asking for what you want, to practice saying “no” to what you don’t want — all in a setting structured to be a safe place for exploration and enjoyment. You can even come to a Cuddle Party just to cuddle!” I will be offering monthly Cuddle Parties starting in September. To get notifications about when the next party is happening, sign up for my mailing list. If you would like me to facilitate a Cuddle Party for your group or community, please contact me.

Embodying Consent
silhouette-Embodying Consent2-hour in-person workshop (online offerings available due to Covid-19)

Consent is a hot topic these days, but many of us find it tricky to navigate what it really means to practice active consent. This workshop offers tools and practices to tune into what we want, specifically around touch, and to be able to communicate that to others. We will also practice open listening and getting comfortable with hearing “no.”

The workshop draws on the Wheel of Consent, developed by Betty Martin, and the Cuddle Party workshop. While the practices covered in the workshop can be applied toward sexual relationships, the content of the class is PG. No one is required to touch anyone else in this workshop. There is an option to exchange touch in some of the exercises. There is also the option to practice saying no to any and all requests for touch. Take-homes are provided, and you are encouraged to keep practicing what you learn.

Contact me to book this workshop or learn more.

hands in lapsFoundations of Consent: Awakening the Embodied Experience of Choice
A 2.5-hour in-person workshop (online offerings available due to Covid-19)

Consent: “It’s about the choosing.”

Being empowered to say yes and no is fundamental to consent. Knowing what we want and what we don’t want is vital to being able to be at choice. Listening and honoring another person’s choice while staying true to your own limits and communicating these things to each other is what makes the agreement that is consent.

In this workshop, we will explore embodied practices to help us tune into sensations of what feels good to our body and then practice communication and consensual touch with another person. Touch will be focused on the hands and no touch beyond the arms will happen in exchanges. You are at choice in how much or how little you want to engage in these practices. You are welcome to change your mind.

This workshop is based on the Wheel of Consent, developed by Dr. Betty Martin. Contact me to book this workshop or learn more.

Coming Soon!
Wheel of ConsentWheel of Consent

An experiential workshop that explores the different qualities of receiving and giving touch using the framework of the Wheel of Consent developed by Betty Martin, PhD, to deepen our understanding of how we can be clear in our communication to have consensual experiences of touch (and so much more!) in our lives. It explores the questions of “who is this touch for?” “how do I want to touch and be touched?” and how to communicate boundaries, respect limits, and ask for what we want. To learn more go to
Workshop Formats will be available as: Two-and-a-half-Day Intensive, or Six-Week Immersive

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Please note: due to allergies/chemical sensitivities, I request that workshop participants refrain from wearing scented products for sessions. You can learn more about how to be fragrance-free here.