Cuddlist Sessions

VIRTUAL SESSIONS NOW BEING OFFERED: $40/hour (sliding scale available for those in financial hardship)
Curl up at home and using technology you can transport me into your home to be with you.
The therapeutic value of a session is not simply about the touch, it is about the intimacy that is created with healthy boundaries and a willingness to open up to one another. To see and be seen by another. To receive intentional attention. I have a number of tools to offer, whether you’re interested in a guided meditation, singing, story time, gentle coaching, emotional support, or something else, I’m here to support you.

Request a session today and specify that you’d like a virtual session.

Therapeutic touch, presence, and support are the foundations of my work as a Cuddlist.

IMG_1935Professional cuddling is a therapeutic, dynamic, and potentially healing experience, tailored to each individual’s unique needs. As a trained Cuddlist, I provide a safe, confidential space, based on clear communication and consent. With this approach, clients are able to experience the transformative power of touch within the platonic boundaries of the Cuddlist Code of Conduct.

In today’s hectic and often disconnected society we often experience stress, loneliness, and a yearning for human touch and connection. Cuddling offers a way to tap into the body’s chemistry, releasing oxytocin—a neuropeptide that has been shown to reduce stress, boost the immune system, and make us feel more relaxed and socially connected.

IMG_1852To book a session or to learn more, contact me.

I work with people of all genders, races, sizes, abilities, and sexual orientations, and especially welcome working with LGBTQIAA+ folks and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I see clients in my private office space in Cummington, MA, and offer home visit sessions to people who are not able to travel due to disability or chronic illness.

Please note: due to allergies/chemical sensitivities, I request that clients refrain from wearing scented products for sessions. You can learn more about how to be fragrance-free here.

Client Testimonials

“With almost no cuddling experience in the past, I was terrified going into the first session with Nellie. That fear didn’t last long. Nellie was very sweet and gentle and helped me feel safe in exploring touch.  I like how cuddling with Nellie can be relaxing, like when she plays with my hair; make me feel protected, like when I’m all wrapped up in her arms; or be super goofy, like when I ask if she’ll rub my belly as if I were a big dog.  Nellie is very easy to talk to and very easy to share quiet space with. Cuddling with Nellie has been a life-changing experience and I’m so grateful for her caring.” – Rex

“Cuddling has proved to be the perfect complimentary therapy for me. The good safe touching at the hands of Nellie has allowed me to begin rebalancing my stark Catholic childhood with a more creative, kinder spirit. I also feel that [oxytocin and other feel-good hormones] created during this process are indispensable to my recovery. Thank you Nellie.” – C.P.

“I have been a cuddle client of Nellie Wilson since December.  Very early on she recognized and welcomed my “adult/child” side. I think what I see as her best consistent skills have been her story telling, reading of children’s stories, and she often sings to me with her beautiful, playful singing style. When the session is over, I can’t help but to look forward to the next session.” – S.C.

“This was my first time with a professional Cuddlist, and while I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’m so glad I did it. Nellie was respectful, warm, present, and communicative, and she put me at ease. I loved the playful energy of it, and loved being encouraged to ask for exactly what I needed, and to think about what that really was in the moment. Nellie was body-positive, disability-positive, perceptive, self-aware, and quickly able to squelch any pre-loaded shame I might have about asking for the legitimate human need to be touched and feel affection — which so many of us need and are reluctant to ask for, or don’t know how. I also appreciated there wasn’t an expected way to cuddle, that it had a freeform quality.” – Beth

“When I first saw the flyer for Nellie’s cuddling service I was intrigued, but it seemed a little far out.   She looked approachable enough in her photo, but . . . still. I tried to get my friend to go and tell me what it was like. She wouldn’t. I needn’t have worried. Nellie was so gentle and relaxed; it didn’t feel at all weird. With her encouragement to notice the present, slow down and go nowhere for a while, I did just that. I relaxed into our session, and left in a much looser and even state of mind. This is definitely something I wouldn’t have envisioned myself trying even a year ago. By way of comparison, my first massage session with the opposite sex, with only a sheet covering me, was more of a leap than being held for an hour by Nellie. And I value her skills and service more than a massage, too. If I can step through the door, I suppose you can, too.” – Anne

“I’ve had several sessions with Nellie, as I grieve the death of my wife. Here’s what it’s been like for me:
The first time I saw her we talked some. It was clear I could trust that what I said was confidential. She was very accepting. When I see her, after talking briefly and having a hug, I lie down next to her with my head on her shoulder and her arm around me (Nellie responded comfortably, when I asked that we lie like this). During several sessions, I’ve cried off and on through most of the time. In another session, I mostly lay feeling very calm. At times I talk briefly about the images and feelings coming up for me. Nellie responds in a way that makes it clear she really understands my feelings.
In one session I was mostly silent and felt no expectation from her that I talk. In one session I got clear I was finally ready to bury my wife’s ashes.
Being held through all these different feelings as they come up has been a huge blessing. It’s also a blessing to know I can call for a session, whenever it’d be helpful.” – anonymous