Cuddlist Client Testimonials

I recently asked clients to share about their experience working with me. Here’s what they have to say:

hugging“With almost no cuddling experience in the past, I was terrified going into the first session with Nellie. That fear didn’t last long. Nellie was very sweet and gentle and helped me feel safe in exploring touch. I like how cuddling with Nellie can be relaxing, like when she plays with my hair; make me feel protected, like when I’m all wrapped up in her arms; or be super goofy, like when I ask if she’ll rub my belly as if I were a big dog. Nellie is very easy to talk to and very easy to share quiet space with. Cuddling with Nellie has been a life-changing experience and I’m so grateful for her caring.” – R.L.

“Cuddling has proved to be the perfect complimentary therapy for me. The good safe touching at the hands of Nellie has allowed me to begin rebalancing my stark Catholic childhood with a more creative, kinder spirit. I also feel that [oxytocin and other feel-good hormones] created during this process are indispensable to my recovery. Thank you Nellie.” – C.P.

“I have been a cuddle client of Nellie Wilson since December. Very early on she recognized and welcomed my “adult/child” side. I think what I see as her best consistent skills have been her story telling, reading of children’s stories, and she often sings to me with her beautiful, playful singing style. When the session is over, I can’t help but to look forward to the next session.” – S.C.

I feel so honored to work with all the individuals that come see me! Each and every person deserves to feel cared for and receive nurturing touch. Contact me at to learn more about my work and book a session.

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