The business of therapeutic cuddling

A very sweet and informative article about therapeutic cuddling and video with fellow Cuddlist Saskia Larsen:…/intimacy-for-rent-inside-the-business-of-…/

“Professionals from say that cuddling should occupy a sweet spot between a physical and an emotional service. The service’s cuddle sessions offer a mixture of physical touch and emotional companionship.”

Our work is based on trust and consent. We offer a client led space to explore sharing touch within the plutonic boundaries of the session.

“But if intimacy becomes a commodity, is it still genuine intimacy? Does it still have as much healing power as the touch and cuddles of loved ones?
Many clients who found comfort from their paid cuddling sessions would say yes.”

And I would add that the kind of learning that can happen around touch and communication are things that can improve intimacy and connections with loved ones. I’m interested in empowering my clients to be able to go out into the world and share respectful consensual touch with others!

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